Hello and welcome to my website!

Im a software engineer, a designer and a security researcher. Even though my site is text based, I do design fancy websites! :)

I tend to waste time on making a very fancy website so this time I just made a text based website! Other then the fact that it loads faster and uses less of my overall bandwidth and is easier to make and update, there isn't much benefit to this, because most people seem to prefer good looking sites, won't blame ya. But I always want to remake my website until it is at perfection (spoiler alert it never is) So yeah, look at this beautiful monospace text website, I mean at least it has a black background so your eyes are spared :D

My Experience

I've been a web developer for over 5 years. Coded HTML and CSS for all those 5 years, and JavaScript for about 4.5 years. Then I went on to code some C, little later C# and at last Obj-C. Then I tried out some Python turns out it's easy, boringly easy. After that I then went and learned some Shell/Bash and bat, and with that comes rubber ducky payloads. Then for a few weeks I went back and forwards learning Ruby, AppleScript and bunch more. Oh yeah, not to mention the stupid language known as php, fuck that language. It's easy enough to learn but it ain't got no use in the real world, you'd be better off learning web development and after that NodeJS, or even using server side Python and so on. So yeah fuck php. I've in general liked web development with JavaScript way more than almost any other programming languages, so yeah with that also comes NodeJS, Electron and all the other million libraries. I've also always liked Electron over using Obj-C to create apps or even Swift for that matter. I almost forgot! Swift sucks :D Not as in it is a bad language, but as in just learn Obj-C ffs, it is just trying to make programming easier by making the code more readable, but at that point use Electron, Swift and JavaScript look so fucking identical it is almost a ripoff. So yeah fuck Swift. But still fuck php in particular.


I have a big tendency to abandon projects therefore, I really dont have any projects to put here... Yeah Im a failure I guess whatever :P Hopefully I can get some done, other than that I got a GitHub with a few public repositories that you can look at, although none are even close to being somewhat impressive nor cool.


I finally made a blog and if you want to you can check it out here


Twitter - @0neGuyDev GitHub - @0neGuyDev Discord - 0neGuy#1490